Word of mouth (WOM) marketing key to growth

Marc L. Goldberg

Customers come and go to small businesses for a variety of reasons. In order for them to reach out to you for a solution, they have to be aware of you. For them to stay with you, despite the competition, you should never take them for granted.

Customers will leave you because the competition offered a product or service with better benefits or they changed locations or simply stopped needing your product or service. You can even bet your best customers at some point will leave you. 

Steve Strauss advises: “You can find new customers by featuring the ones you have now on your website, social media and newsletter. And reward your existing customers when they refer new ones.”

Although word of mouth (WOM) is a powerful marketing tool, most small business owners don’t have a specific strategy to encourage WOM. Word of mouth marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to promote, attract and win over customers. When others talk positively about your business, it builds name recognition and trust that lead to sales.

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