Tushar Jain, India’s Successful Entrepreneur Who Used To Sell Bags On The Roadside

Tushar Jain, India’s Successful Entrepreneur Who Used To Sell Bags On The Roadside

Do not stop trying is one of the keys to success. Because sometimes, there are tests that must be passed to achieve success. Whoever perseveres and doesn’t give up, he will get the result.

As is the case with the Tushar Jain success story. His family had gone bankrupt until all his property ran out. However, he and his family have the passion to get back on their feet to succeed in establishing a large bag company in India.

In 1992, one of the famous stockbrokers, Harshad Mehta was charged with stock manipulation. The scam has devastated the economies of hundreds of investors.

Citing information from Your Story, Tuesday (18/01), Mulchand Jain was one of the victims of this scam. The businessman in Jharkhand lost his entire fortune and had to start from scratch. Although difficult, these conditions did not stop him just like that. He and his teenage son, Tushar Jain, started their business again by selling bags. Tushar Jain helps his father sell bags on the streets around Mumbai.

With tenacity to bounce back, Tushar Jain was able to turn the street bag business into a giant company. After a dozen years of operation, in 2012 the business was officially named High Spirit Commercial Ventures, with Tushar Jain as one of the founders.

The business skyrocketed rapidly. High Spirit Commercial Ventures is now recognized as the fourth largest backpack and luggage maker and seller in India.

In 2019, the company’s value was recorded to be worth Rs 250 crore or around Rp 481 billion. The company now has a head office in Mumbai and 10 regional offices spread across India.

“After launching, we have become a Rs 250 crore company. We have become the largest brand in the Indian backpack segment by selling seven million bags last year, and we are the fourth largest bag brand in the country,” said Tushar Jain, Co-founder of High Spirit Commercial Ventures.

This success is not only felt by Tushar, but all of his workers. Through this bag company, Tushar has created jobs for thousands of people. Not only that, Tushar Jain also often trains many entrepreneurs to achieve success.

Tushar Jair’s success story teaches that to achieve success, it does not only require knowledge, but also hard work and the desire to always learn when experiencing problems. “We dream of becoming a company with a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore in the next four to five years. We want to set up a flagship factory in Patna, Bihar, where we will produce 25 lakh bags per year,” said Tushar Jain.

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