Trading with confidence: how intermediate traders can benefit from listed options

Trading with confidence

Listed options are a powerful trading tool for investors who want to take their investing and speculation to the next level. Options give intermediate traders the ability to create complex strategies that have the potential to generate maximum returns from limited capital. This article will explore ways listed options can benefit intermediate traders while outlining some risks associated with these trades. By better understanding how options work, intermediate traders can make informed decisions on whether they should include them in their investment portfolios.


Intermediate traders can use options to leverage their capital and gain greater exposure to the markets. Leverage is a double-edged sword, but options provide an effective way of leveraging capital. The option’s underlying asset is typically purchased with a margin meaning that options traders can take on more significant positions without sacrificing their capital. It allows experienced options traders to construct portfolios with amplified returns and higher risk or reward ratios. Moreover, options also provide leverage by allowing traders to purchase options with less money than they would need to buy the underlying asset.

Profit potential

Options offer intermediate traders the potential for high profits given the right set of circumstances. Options are generally priced to have a time value component, which means they will be worth more if held until the expiration date than when first bought. Therefore, options traders can benefit from market upswings without owning the underlying asset. Options also allow intermediate traders to create profitable strategies such as spreads, straddles and collars, allowing them to take advantage of different market conditions.

Risk management

Options allow intermediate traders to manage risk by limiting their exposure to considerable losses. Many options strategies involve taking on one side of a position while simultaneously offsetting it with another, known as hedging. Hedging using options allows traders to protect their portfolios against adverse market movements or unforeseen events. It makes options a vital tool for reducing portfolio volatility and protecting capital long-term. Additionally, options are flexible and can create complex strategies allowing traders to take on more risk when favourable market conditions.

Time decay

Time decay is an essential consideration for options traders. Since options are a wasting asset, they will usually lose their value over time as they approach their expiry date, which can benefit traders taking short positions. Therefore, options traders have the potential to profit from options even when markets remain stagnant. However, intermediate traders need to understand how options work and ensure that their strategies account for the effects of time decay before entering into any trades. Furthermore, options traders should also consider employing strategies such as iron condors and butterflies to try and take advantage of time decay.

Tax benefits

Options offer attractive tax treatment compared to other investment vehicles such as stocks and futures contracts. Options trading can be less expensive than other kinds of trading due to the lower capital gains taxes traders typically pay on profits. Furthermore, options generally offer greater flexibility regarding taxation as traders can choose whether to declare their income as short-term or long-term capital gains. It provides options traders with the potential for significant tax savings and gives them greater control over their money.

Cost of options

Options can be traded at a fraction of the cost compared to buying stocks or futures contracts. Options are priced according to their implied volatility, which means options traders have the potential to save money on transaction costs by choosing options with low implied volatility. It is especially beneficial for intermediate traders as they may not have the funds to buy options with high premiums. Furthermore, Saxo options trading commissions are generally lower than those charged for equities and futures trades which further reduces costs for options traders.

The bottom line

Options offer intermediate traders a range of potential benefits that can be used to maximise profits and manage risk in their investment portfolio. From the potential for high-profit returns to the ability to hedge against losses, options provide a powerful tool for intermediate traders who want to take their trading to the next level. With careful consideration of options strategies and understanding the risks involved, options can be an effective way for intermediate traders to gain exposure to the markets and potentially reap the rewards of options trading.

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