With easy access to the internet and technology, it has become easier to operate a business. Today, there are plenty of business ideas in every field. You can choose the one that is within your domain of expertise. Make sure that your finances match up to the capital requirement of the business. If you are thinking about expanding your existing business, it would once again, be an excellent idea to do a thorough financial analysis before making any decision. If you have registered as an MSME with the government of India, you could also be eligible for the government’s emergency business loans that are now being distributed by major lenders. Alternately, if you are looking for an unsecured loan, you can check out the loan interest rate as well as the eligibility criteria. Fullerton India offers loan for women at special interest rates and flexible repayment tenures.

Regardless of your personal life commitments, you can succeed with your business plan. These days, all it takes to start is a computer or laptop and an active internet connection, apart from of course, lots of determination! We have carefully selected ten business ideas that scale-up perfectly for women in any part of our country. Most of these ideas can help you generate immediate results, and you can start doing it from the comfort of your home.

1. Health Care Services for the Elderly:

After a certain age, people require someone to take care of them; you can do it yourself, or have some people do it for you under your guidance. You can advertise locally, and get work in the nearby area. Most of them will require services for household help.

2. Graphics Designing:

If you are creative, you can put it to good use. You can start by helping small businesses create logos, emailers, web designs and other collaterals. 

3. Fitness Trainer:

The COVID-19 lockdown has left fitness enthusiasts looking for options where they can continue their fitness goals while staying indoors. Thus, if you share the enthusiasm, you could look at giving yoga, Zumba, strength training (or any other form of fitness training) via video conferencing to people around you.  You can Organise group classes, or become a personal trainer as well. However, do note that this will work best if you are a certified fitness trainer.

4. Associate Marketing:

Anyone can start associate marketing and sell products under a personal brand while sourcing from the original manufacturer. Today, a lot of companies offer substantial discounts on their surplus products to associate marketers. In this way, the brand need not worry about sales, and the marketer need not worry about manufacturing. 

5. Ghost Shopper:

Ghost shopping means buying on behalf of others who need stuff. You can get a good commission by continuing your customer loyalty, and help people save from it. You can build your contacts and make money with zero investments. 

6. Embroidery:

Handmade clothing products are known for their quality, and they never lose their demand in the market. If you are skilled in knitting or embroidery, then you can start making customised products for your customers. It can assure a steady income.

7. Content Writing Services:

If you are good at English, and love writing, this is an excellent way in which you can have fun while you earn some money! These days, a lot of companies are aggressively marketing themselves online, for which good quality content in high volumes have a great demand. You can start freelancing, or hire other content writers and start a business. 

8. Handcrafting Services:

You can make a wide variety of necklaces, accessories, and other homemade products that are often in high demand. This can easily be marketed using Facebook and Instagram, or even google business.

9. Accountancy Firm and Book-keeping:

You will never lose demand in a book-keeping business. You can help small, medium, and large companies to handle records of finances. So, if you Are a qualified accountant, you can help individuals as well as companies in managing their books and working out their taxes.

10. Launch Cosmetic Brand:

Beauty products stay in high demand, and you can create your unique formulae and fragrances using natural spices, fruits, and herbs. The manufacturing process for these products is simple, and it doesn’t require substantial investments. However, do note that these will probably require a certificate of quality inspection from the respective authorities.


As more people access the internet, exponential growth in online business is seen in recent years. You can get ahead in the race by availing a business loan for women and using the money to expand your business. It is expected that many new companies will come up with innovative ideas and observe a boom in sales. You can check out the personal loan interest rate of Fullerton India, and apply for the loan online to get benefitted.