Tips for Choosing Local Solar Panel Companies

Tips for Choosing Local Solar Panel Companies

It is vital to remember that buying solar panels is a significant investment, which is why you should find the right match, depending on your preferences. The market features numerous installers and companies featuring unique websites and testimonials.

However, it would be best if you thought about each step along the way before making up your mind. That is why you should try to avoid being overwhelmed by the information. Instead, it would help if you stayed with us to learn about finding local solar panel companies with ease. Let us start from the beginning.

1.MSC Certification

Finding someone with MSC accreditation is one of the most important factors when choosing an installer. Therefore, a good installer should be a REAL or Renewable Energy Assurance Limited member and STA or Solar Trade Association.

The main idea is to be aware of who carries out the installation process because some companies tend to choose subcontracting companies, which is essential to discuss before they start. Avoid an intermediary company and go straight to the company instead.

2.Home Visit

installing solar panels

At the same time, the installer should visit your household and determine whether it is suitable for solar panels or not. The main idea is to expect specific suggestions and tips on how energy efficient your home is and energy saving essential.

Of course, if the contractor will not take the time to evaluate your requirements, it is crucial to find someone else instead. That way, you can protect yourself from fraud and unnecessary issues that may happen. You should click here to learn more about solar panels.


Another important consideration is to ensure the installer provides you with testimonials and references from past clients. That way, you can determine whether they have been in business for a while because the best way to learn is through experience and expertise. At the same time, being experienced will help you determine whether they know to help you.

You should check out with your friends and neighbors as a source of recommendation. Of course, you should never choose based on someone else’s experience. Instead, conduct comprehensive research to help you determine the best course of action.

Besides, talking with past customers is a perfect way to learn more about installing solar panels and other factors you should consider.


When it comes to warranty, you should determine the equipment they use, which will help you learn more about their professionalism. The average warranty for solar panels is approximately twenty years. Of course, if it is for a shorter period, you can assume that the quality is lower, meaning avoid them altogether.

At the same time, solar inverters and batteries come with a limited guarantee that can reach up to ten years, depending on the manufacturer, brand, and installer. Remember that most of them will offer you an artistry guarantee, which will last approximately a year.

5.Learn About Quotations

The main idea is to get quotes from at least three different installers. They should make a specific quotation based on your needs. That way, you can compare a few contractors and consider everything included in the price.

Some installations require additional work and scaffolding on your roof. We recommend you check whether they included the amount within the quote because your overall spending will increase if you neglect it. You do not wish to pay more than the amount you see in the quote, so you should check out small words and clauses.

It is vital to remember that the overall price of solar panels has decreased in the last ten years, but everything depends on the size of your system and other factors that may affect you.

6.Understand Sales Tactics

Generally, installers who offer quality services and products will not pressurize and use sales tactics to ensure you purchase their product. Of course, it is common for installers to offer you a limited-time offer or discount to ensure you decide on the spot.

If you wish to learn how to install solar panels, we recommend you to check out this guide: for more information.

Stull, decisions like this will cost you more overall. Therefore, you should ensure a company you choose will offer you a quote and avoid pressure throughout the process. However, if they try to persuade you to become their customers without a written quote, we recommend you reject them and choose someone else entirely.

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