The Important Role of Incubation and Mentors in Business

The Important Role of Incubation and Mentors in Business

Entrepreneurship opportunities that have skyrocketed in the 21st century are always accompanied by massive challenges and competition. Entrepreneurs, including novice businessmen and the younger generation, are required to equip themselves with sensitivity and supporting skills.

In addition to instinct and business instinct, consistency and willingness to continue to learn are important points to be able to survive and develop as a professional.

Through the convenience of today’s technology, business people can find whatever information they need, from business news, opportunities, to hot issues related to the business industry.

However, there were things that couldn’t be found there. One of them is an ecosystem and a supportive business environment. This is an important reason why businesses need to incorporate into a proper business incubator.

An incubator is an organization or program designed to help startup businesses grow and succeed. The benefits offered are very diverse, ranging from mentoring to access to investors. It is possible that business people can also get working capital in the form of grants or loans.

“The main goal of the incubator is of course to produce companies that are successful and financially viable and can survive in a competitive industry. So, when these startup businesses grow and mature, in the end they can create long-term jobs and drive economic growth,” said Edric Chandra , Program Initiator Diplomat Success Challenge 12 (DSC12), the biggest entrepreneurial competition under the care of the Wismilak Foundation.

Of the various conveniences offered by business incubation, there are many reasons to join in it. However, one aspect that should be the focus is the mentoring facility provided.

Taking Business Steps with Mentors

Mentor can be defined as someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge related to the industry the business is running. A mentor plays an important role in the business journey.

Don’t just talk about technical issues or how-to-dos. Furthermore, the presence of a mentor will form a mindset and develop deep wisdom that cannot be obtained through books or the internet.

Experience is the best teacher. An ancient phrase that is still relevant to various aspects of life, including business matters. The longer a person is in a field, the more experience he has.

Unfortunately, novice businessmen certainly don’t have enough experience to generate significant growth. For this reason, mentors are present as an acceleration for beginners to know the basics to the intricacies of the industry they are running, so they can take the right tactical steps.

Diplomat Success Challenge (DSC) is an entrepreneurial competition program that is very profitable for novice businessmen who need a lot of knowledge and experience. Through DSC, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to join incubation with other businesses, providing a constructive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In addition, mentoring is also available as a means of learning and business maturity. That way, startup business people are no longer just fixated on themselves, but can also broaden their thinking base and be able to develop from both internal and external sides.

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