Should You Use Credit Cards or Personal Loans (Forbrukslån)?

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Both credit cards and personal loans will offer you a chance to borrow money as soon as you need it. At the same time, they come with specific credit provisions. You can get funds from a lending institution at special rates in both agreements.

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We are talking about underwriting requirements, late fees, interest, principal, and amount limits. Mishandling both options can affect your rating and cause severe issues to your financial status.

Of course, they come with similar characteristics, but we are here to talk about differences. Generally, personal loans are borrowed funds in a single payment you must repay in a specific period. However, they come with lower interest rates than credit cards.

On the other hand, credit cards use revolving amount to provide you access if you do not max out. The main factor for getting better terms and approvals is the score.

The Importance of Credit Score

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Before talking about differences, you should understand the essential similarity between credit cards and personal loans. Most countries across the globe feature scoring systems that will determine whether you can get approved or not.

Each person comes with a specific score based on the history of payments. The score depends on your past, such as inquiries, defaults, outstanding balances, and accounts. The higher your score is, the greater the chances of getting approval.

The lender will consider numerous factors while calculating interest rate and monthly installments, which is another crucial consideration to remember. We can differentiate either secured or unsecured credit cards and personal loans. The main goal is to repay everything on time, which will help you boost the score.

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Personal Loans

You can choose numerous personal loans options that will affect the terms and amount you wish to get. The main difference between credit cards and personal loans is in long-term balance. Personal ones will not offer you ongoing cash, similarly to cards.

Instead, you will get the entire amount at once, and you will have to deal with monthly installments or schedule payments. They come with lower interest rates, especially with a high score.

Unsecured options are perfect for consolidating credit card debt, making large purchases, funding an incidental expense, or renovating your household. Generally, you can use them for a wide array of reasons. Unsecured ones do not come with collateral.

The most common example is a mortgage when it comes to secured loans. The main idea is to follow a standard procedure while placing your assets as collateral if you default. Therefore, a lender has a right to take your possession if you cannot repay the amount.

Secured loans come with better terms since you will place your asset as a backup.


  • Get the entire amount at once
  • Lower interest rate than credit cards
  • Perfect for large purchases


  • It comes with an initial or service fee
  • If you cannot repay the amount, the lender can take you to a court or repossess your assets

Apart from the interest, you should consider other expenses as well. For instance, lenders will charge you a fee based on the overall amount you wish to get. At the same time, if you want to pay it earlier than agreed, you may also pay penalties.

Credit Cards

Compared with other options mentioned above, you should know that credit cards feature revolving characteristics. Since the account is continually revolving, you will have continual access to funds. Of course, you must remain in good standing and repay everything on time.

Revolving credit card accounts come with limit increases, especially if you behave throughout the process. Compared with other options, they come with a high-interest rate, which you should understand before making up your mind.

Compared with personal loans, revolving credit works differently. As a result, you will have access to a specific amount, but you will not receive it in a slump.

Instead, you can take funds at your discretion until you reach a limit. You must pay interest only on funds you wish to use, meaning you can have an open account without interest, primarily if you do not feature a balance.

We can differentiate a wide array of credit card options that provide you with convenience. The best ones come with a zero percent introductory interest period, rewards, and balance transfer availability.

On the other hand, some of them can feature significant interest rates, including annual or monthly fees. You can also use them as electronic payments, which is essential to remember.

Some cards come with reward points, which will urge you to pay for everything on time. Rewards can feature discounts on purchases, cash back, travel points, and brand purchases.

They can be either secured or unsecured. Unsecured options come without collateral, while secured ones are for people with lousy ratings. When you obtain a secured card, you should provide an asset or capital to ensure its limit.

Secured cards come with specific and varying terms that match your secure balance. For instance, some may increase after a while.

The main idea is to read everything before taking it because each option involves accumulating interest. Compared with personal loans, where you will get fixed monthly payments throughout the entire period, credit card bills vary based on your spending and use.

You may also receive a grace period meaning you can borrow funds and repay them without high interest. Others will charge you daily interest combined with the one at the end of the month.


  • Revolving credit balance means you will pay only after taking money
  • People with good credit will get zero percent introductory interest rates, rewards, and grace periods
  • You can get limit increases


  • High-interest rates compared with personal loans may affect your score and ability to handle payments in the future
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