The competition for immigration law firms is always rising. Even for clients to find the right immigration lawyer can be quite a task. These days online presence plays a crucial role. When someone is looking for an immigration lawyer in a particular country from across the globe, the internet would be able to put you and a potential client in touch. You must market yourself well. Most of the time interested people end up clicking on the first few links. You need to up your online marketing game. We are sharing some of the tricks that can help you to drive your online presence. Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in bumping up your website on search engines, click here to read more about it:

Rebranding and Building a User-friendly website

No matter how much you might advertise, conversion rates would still be low if your website is not user friendly. Google wants to deliver its consumers the best experience and content which is out there. This is what keeps bringing people back to their platform. User experience can be understood as the emotions and attitudes of the visitors when they are accessing your website. When you streamline the consumer experience, it helps in increasing the conversions from your website and boost the rankings in the SERPs. If you already have a website, it is still essential that you build a website that is user-experience oriented. Old and obsolete websites can also cause less footfall.

Streamlining the Website

The first impression is crucial and most people form their first impression of the website based on its design. One could even think of the website as a modern business card. Whenever a potential client is looking for an immigration lawyer they are going to be looking at your website. Your website must reflect what you and your business stand for, what your values and passion are. As you are working in immigration law, it is even more essential that the prospective clients get a positive vibe out of your website. Having a feel-good website would also help potential clients to be at ease when they reach out to you.

Make use of Clear Calls to Action

Calls to Action refer to words and statements which give an insight into what the next best action would be. When clear Calls to Action are used, it has proven that it improves engagement. The call to action of “Get Professional Help” provides the little extra push that the potential clients require, and they take action by presenting the lawyer’s experience and the contact form. The Calls to Action for each page should. This will help to increase the performance of each page. Hence, each service page must have a Call to Action which asks to begin with their immigration application. Some of the examples are: “Contact Us Today” “Call US” “Email Us” “Get started” “Get a free quote” “Get help now”.

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