John Paul Baric, the Drop Out Youth Who Becomes a Billionaire from Bitcoin

John Paul Baric, the Drop Out Youth Who Becomes a Billionaire from Bitcoin

The young man from Texas prefers to mine Bitcoin rather than continuing his studies. Although the decision was very risky, he admitted that he did not regret the choice he made.

Citing, Saturday (08/01), John Paul Baric first tried the world of cryptocurrency in 2012. At that time he bought Bitcoin worth USD 1,400.

Now, Bitcoin has become his source of income. Through this hobby, John can earn USD 1.3 million per month. If converted into rupiah, the monthly income of this 24-year-old youth can reach Rp. 18 billion.

In his interview, John remembers buying Bitcoin for the first time when he was a student. At night, he pretends to study while trading Bitcoin. At that time, crypto money was not much in demand by people.

In 2017, when John was 17 years old, he bought a device to mine Bitcoin. He put the equipment in the basement belonging to his parents.

At that time John had just started studying at North Carolina State University. While in college, he continued his Bitcoin business and it was doing well. Finally John decided to leave the university in order to focus on his business.

“The idea to create my own Bitcoin mine came about when my English teacher assigned a class to create a business plan in 2013,” he says.

After dropping out of college, he started buying graphics cards from eBay and running the machines at his parents’ house. His parents supported and believed in the decision that John made. At first, John wanted to focus on college. But the focus shifted after seeing Bitcoin growing in popularity.

“I went to college to have the experience to feel the campus atmosphere and meet new people. But when Bitcoin gets popular, I want to focus on it full time,” said John.

Later, John started selling Bitcoin mining equipment. He earned a large income, which was translucent to USD 2 million or around Rp. 28 billion. He used this large capital to develop his business.

Now he has rented his own place and hired friends to help with marketing. John’s income can reach Rp 18 billion per month. Apart from being used for traveling, most of his income he turned back to develop his Bitcoin business.

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