Increasingly Interested by the Community, Digital Wallet Business Continues to Grow

Increasingly Interested by the Community, Digital Wallet Business Continues to Grow

Although social restrictions are starting to decrease, in fact it has not stopped the fintech payment or digital wallet business from continuing to experience growth because many people are increasingly comfortable using transactions through digital wallets.

Like the DANA digital wallet, which admits that there is a growth spike that continues to occur in DANA until October 2021 last year compared to October 2020.

For example, transactions with QRIS which increased by 267% last year (year on year), the Send Money feature grew by 328%, purchases of telephone credit increased by 141%, then bill payments increased by 159% and online commerce increased by 39%.

Putri Dianita, VP of Corporate Communications of DANA said, in addition to the rapid growth in numbers in various aspects, the company’s main target in 2022 is to continue to provide users with a better digital transaction experience so that public trust in DANA increases. “Thus, our mission to create inclusive digital finance can be realized,” said Putri.

Meanwhile, Putri said, the five superior features of DANA that were used the most throughout last year were payments with QRIS, Send Money, Credit & Data, Bill Payment, and Online Commerce.

He also predicts that these five features will continue to increase throughout this year. For example, the Send Money feature that DANA managed to strengthen its position as the most popular digital wallet for remittance transactions based on the YouGov Survey in the third quarter of 2021.

In addition, even though the pandemic is still ongoing, the increase in direct transactions at merchants is still happening. Based on our records, QR transactions in 2021 are 105% larger than QR transactions in 2020. This indicates that direct transactions with QR have become an option for many people to avoid physical contact during the pandemic.

According to him, the 2021 online transactions at DANA were recorded to be more than 1000% larger than the 2021 QR transactions. This finding is in line with the report of Google, Temasek, Bain & Company which shows the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia in 2021 soaring to 52%. “Seeing this, we are optimistic that its growth will continue for years to come,” added Putri.

Meanwhile, DANA has also now collaborated with more than 5,000 online partners and more than 400,000 MSME partners who are members of DANA Bisnis. DANA is optimistic that it will continue to carry out its vision of being a bridge for the entire digital economy ecosystem by cooperating with new partners in 2022.

The OVO digital wallet also claims to continue to grow in 2021, while remaining the people’s choice to make payment transactions both online and offline based on a number of surveys that state OVO as the most widely used e-money by the people of Indonesia. In fact, it has become the main choice of e-money for MSMEs according to a Mandiri Institute survey conducted in the middle of last year.

“Some of the superior use cases of OVO services, such as online food purchases and shopping, appear to be increasingly in demand, in line with the shift in consumer behavior that tends to increasingly choose digital. OVO also sees an increasing trend in use cases in Indonesia, such as e-games and investment. which was welcomed by the community,” explained Harumi Supit, OVO’s Head of Corporate Communication.

In addition, Harumi said, throughout 2021, OVO top-up points and offline withdrawals are also increasing, covering more than 8 million points throughout Indonesia, which are carried out in collaboration with more than 1.2 QRIS merchants, both large merchants and MSMEs.

“OVO’s openness to this collaboration is one of the keys to success in presenting digital payment services that are safe and comfortable to use by the public,” said Harumi.

Throughout 2021, LinkAja or PT Fintek Karya Nusantara claimed to have succeeded in achieving 14 times platform growth in more than 2 years since its establishment and an average growth of 20% active users compared to 2020.

“The year 2021 is quite important for LinkAja to expand into various service domains that can be presented to accelerate financial inclusion in Indonesia. We also see quite healthy growth in 2022, in line with our various educational missions, both to the community as well as MSME actors,” said LinkAja’s Chief Operating Officer Widjayanto.

In addition, offline, LinkAja is also present at various points which allows LinkAja to reach more people who have not been accessed by digital financial services.

Such as the Cash In Cash Out service with more than 1.3 million points that work with various partners and have strong penetration in various regions. LinkAja can be accessed at more than 13,000 e-commerce sites throughout Indonesia such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, BliBli, and so on.

Meanwhile, this year LinkAja plans to develop payment and financing solutions for micro and ultra micro businesses in an integrated ecosystem by LinkAja.

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