Pembroke Pines, Florida, July 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Countless workers dream of escaping the office. They want to have more control over their time and their projects. Many of them think about running their own business at home, but they aren’t sure where to start. InCruises provides a path forward that ticks all the boxes.

CEO Michael Hutchison heads the Florida-based company. The company runs a travel network where members get access to fantastic cruise destinations at deeply discounted rates. Members can also become affiliate marketing partners to earn additional income through generous commissions. 

The Membership

Anyone can become a member and enjoy the exclusive offerings. The cost is $100 a month, which is immediately credited to the account for double the money. For example, if you become a member and pay for three consecutive months, then you will be credited with $600 Cruise Dollars. If you complete payments for a full year, then your $1,200 will turn into $2,400 Cruise Dollars. This internal currency works just like regular money. You can use it to pay for any of the 5,500 cruises found in the booking engine. They guarantee the lowest rates in the industry, so you get incredible savings. 

The company can provide the discounted rates thanks to negotiations with various travel partners. They also rely on word-of-mouth advertising instead of paying millions to ad agencies. They are then able to pass on their savings to their members. Book any cruise, and the money left on your account stays there to fund your next trips. Your Cruise dollars will not expire as long as you have an active membership. You can cancel at any time. You can also change your mind and reactivate within 12 months. The flexibility allows members to manage their accounts as they see fit.  

The Compensation Program

Members have upgraded their accounts to become InCruises partners. Partnership costs $195 initially and $95 for each succeeding year. As a partner, they can earn rewards for getting others to sign up as a member. The commissions increase with every additional affiliate for the month from $50 for the first, $60 for the second, and so on. After the tenth affiliate, this commission is capped at $150. Everything resets at the end of the month. 

Generate more sales personally or from your downline to rise in the ranks. Reaching a new level is rewarded with a payout that corresponds to the title. The lowest is $500 while the highest is $55,000. You also get a Producer Bonus of $100 Cruise Dollars for every three travel subscriptions sold per month. There are even residual commissions that go down to five levels. There are indeed so many ways to earn money in this network. The best marketers can make a good income while traveling the world in style. 

Being a member of InCruises is a steal if you have always wanted to travel without worrying about the money. The company will instantly multiply your money by a factor of two, and you will always have access to the lowest prices. Cruises are also known to provide a great value compared to other modes of travel when you want to reach multiple destinations. The savings are compounded when you join the network. 

As a partner in marketing the membership and the cruise options, you can also earn commissions and other rewards. You become part of a trillion-dollar industry that serves 25 million annual passengers. There is much room for growth, with only 20% of the US population having experienced a cruise. Tell people about the benefits and provide them with the opportunity to make their holiday dreams come true.