Here are three tips for a successful side business during the Covid-19 pandemic

Here are three tips for a successful side business during the Covid-19 pandemic

Some workers have a passion for a side business. But not infrequently, side businesses end up unsuccessful because they are not taken seriously. In order not to give up easily in running a side business, you can try these three tips so that every aspiring entrepreneur like you can do it successfully.

This method is also used by a successful side business actor as a freelance marketer who creates digital content and carries out social media strategies. In just a few weeks, his earnings matched his salary.

1. Create a website

Every aspiring entrepreneur trying to build a side business is required to create a website, especially in the digital era like today. A good website is one whose content enhances the credibility of your business. Having a website can keep you connected with customers and clients, regardless of or how they found your business in the first place. You also need to secure your business platform. Social media that can be used to do business for free does make business marketing easy, but its security must also be maintained to prevent unwanted things.

2. Treat yourself like a client

When it comes to odd jobs, try to treat yourself like a client. Take the same level of care, organization and detail, as you would when planning a side business and setting goals.
For example, say you sell t-shirts with popular quotes from iconic films. Consider how much time you actually have for a side job each week.
Then, build goals around them, including how many t-shirts you can make in a week, how much time you need to promote the product, how many you can send to clients, and so on.
Side jobs often make people tired. For this reason, treating yourself like a client allows you to monitor work fatigue.

3. Make the service personal

Depending on what you’re busy with, there are ways to personalize it for your customers. Personalization of the business will make clients feel that you care specifically for them.
To personalize, you can ask a certain number of questions in the orientation form to understand the other person’s personality. Or any other way you think can be fun.

Personalization can also help you acquire new business, while retaining clients. Usually, people will care about humans who care about other people.
Personalization is also important during a pandemic. If the pandemic forces you to be more creative and generate more income, in the end a successful side business cannot be separated from the interaction of those who have trusted you.

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