Contemporary Business Ideas That Don’t Need A Lot Of Capital, Students Can Try

Contemporary Business Ideas That Don’t Need A Lot Of Capital, Students Can Try

Many people, especially students, want to start a business but are constrained by not having much business capital.

Finally, the dream of becoming an entrepreneur could not be realized because of the funding constraints. Even though there are still many businesses that you can do even though the funds for capital are not too much.

You can use your skills in processing social media to lecture materials to earn extra money.

Here are 5 modern business ideas that are suitable for students with minimal capital

Social media management

Almost all people today have at least one social media account. It’s no wonder that various social media applications can be quite lucrative fields of money but do not require large capital.

Many companies to individual businesses use social media as an advertising medium. Therefore the presence of an expert who is able to manage social media is very important.

You can take advantage of their needs by offering services as a social media manager.

The task of a social media manager is to build brand awareness, create and share company content, and interact with the public through social media.

One of the advantages of implementing this business idea is that you do not need to spend a large amount of capital and can be done anywhere.


Now many brands of cellphones or cellphones provide superior camera features, even the results are similar to professional camera shots.

You can take advantage of HP’s camera features and sell them on microstocks such as Pixabay, ShutterStock, and so on. Every time your photos found on the platform are downloaded, you will earn a commission.

You can also offer photography services to businesses such as restaurants or knick-knacks. The product photos you take will later be used for uploads on their social media.

Video production

In addition to the world of photography, business ideas with little capital are then related to making videos.

The field of video production is currently starting to be in great demand. Video editors or video makers are in high demand for creating video content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

If by chance you do not have the equipment to record video, you can offer video editing services to other companies or agencies.

Private tutor

During the Covid-19 pandemic, learning is mostly done online or online. Unfortunately, not all teachers and parents can use online media properly so students often do not understand the material being studied.

You can take advantage of this situation by offering private tutoring services. For the learning method, you can do it in person or online.

Invite friends to join as a private tutor and you can act as a liaison between friends and parents.

Culinary business

The next business idea with little capital is the culinary field. You don’t need to open a restaurant if you want to start this business.

Because opening a restaurant requires a large amount of capital. You can start a culinary business specifically to serve take away and delivery.

You can use the pre-order system which is sent once or twice a week or open orders every day.

Take advantage of food shopping services such as Go Food, Grab Food, to Shopee Food to deliver food to customers.

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