Check out Trisula Textile (BELL) Business Strategy in 2022

Check out Trisula Textile (BELL) Business Strategy in 2022

The management of PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk (BELL) said that throughout 2022 BELL will continue to strive to strengthen marketing, both through online and offline channels. This is one of the business strategies launched by the company to support future business growth. “It is known that conditions are slowly recovering and retail stores are also starting to reopen. BELL is optimistic that the product quality and strategy implemented will achieve good performance,” said Trisula’s Corporate Secretary, R Nurwulan Kusumawati,

He explained, BELL also has advantages in terms of customized orders using the latest machinery technology which is always updated.

Meanwhile, until now BELL itself provides various kinds of polyester fabrics, such as Polyester Rayon and Polyester Cotton, which are the most popular products today, because they have the ability to “stretch” both one way and two way.

“We continue to be consistent in providing quality fabrics. BELL also continues to meet customer needs with customized orders. We are proud, until now BELL fabrics have been widely known both at home and abroad, such as for the Bellini and Caterina brands,” said Nurwulan.

Another advantage that Nurwulan said can support the company’s business growth in the future is the use of machines with qualified quality. According to him, BELL is able to make fabrics with special materials, colors, and treatments according to customer requests. Therefore, BELL also often gets uniform orders from various agencies, both government and private.

“This BELL fabric has also been ordered by many designers to make various types of clothing. All of the Company’s fabrics have been certified Standard 100 from Oekotex, and passed the test according to consumer requirements,” he explained.

Nurwulan said that, going forward, BELL will continue to adapt and take every opportunity that exists to produce various types of fabric variants with special advantages. BELL will also increase and expand the BELL fabric market to various regions both domestically and abroad.

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