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Soon enough, these pandemic business loans will come back to hit taxpayers where it hurts

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People live life in accordance with government legislation. Since the seventies, money has become cheaper and cheaper. For years the banks have sold business on offering more and more credit knowing that they would never lose out and continue to pay out massive bonuses.

Now these businesses have mounting debt on their books again (due to the financial situation caused by the pandemic) they may well be looking to the taxpayer for financial support in months to come if repayments fail.

We are told we are world leaders, yet our industrial base has suffered and many inventions have been sold to other countries, who develop and reap the financial benefit of products. We have become over-dependant on imports.

Our world-leading NHS has been neglected for decades. We are told it has coped through the pandemic, yet millions of appointments, operations, treatments have been cancelled.

A financial statement by the chancellor on Wednesday to help business and create long-lasting employment will be difficult. Jobs are being lost; re-training takes time and the country’s poor foundations will have an effect on the speed of recovery.

Financial and health crises are nothing new; we have experienced them over centuries. We have

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How the coronavirus is changing the influencer business, according to marketers and top Instagram and YouTube stars

Macy Mariano.
Macy Mariano.

Macy Mariano.

  • Marketers and digital creators are adjusting to rapid changes in the influencer-marketing industry as the coronavirus continues to spread globally.

  • As with most businesses in the ad industry, professionals are trimming budgets, canceling events, and looking for alternative revenue streams.

  • Business Insider spoke with influencer-marketing professionals across the industry to better understand how they are adjusting their businesses to continue to earn a living during the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic turmoil. 

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This post will be added to when new information becomes available and was last updated on July 9, 2020.

As the near-term effects of the coronavirus outbreak continue to be felt across the global economy, businesses and creators in the influencer-marketing industry are doing their best to adapt.

Influencers have seen some of their sponsorship deals shut down and events cancelled, with many shifting their focus to alternative revenue streams that allow them to continue to earn a living without leaving their homes. 

Influencer-marketing agencies are seeing brands postpone campaigns while also observing that engagement on social-media posts is higher than normal as more consumers spend time in physical isolation. Advertisers are also discovering

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Marie Kondo Is Taking Her KonMari Consultant Certification Courses Online Starting This July

Your friends all come to you for advice on how to trim down their overflowing closets, your roommate surrendered full organizational control of your tiny kitchen and even your sister has to admit you have the neatest hall closet she’s ever seen. You’re basically a tidying pro, but beginning this July you can actually earn the certification to prove it thanks to the one and only Marie Kondo, who will finally start offering her KonMari consultant certification courses online.

Yes, you can actually train to become a certified KonMari tidying expert who can then use those skills to help clients reorganize their homes. While the three-day course is usually taught in person, Kondo and her team are finally taking their teachings digital with the first virtual course beginning on Monday July 13. (If the July session doesn’t work with your schedule, there will be another virtual session in September 2020 with registration opening up just after the first session ends.) However, be warned, earning your KoniMari certification is no easy feat, nor is it all that cheap.

Those hoping to complete the $2,500 course and begin utilizing Kondo’s hot tidying tips in the homes of clients are required to

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Queer Eye’s Tan France Uses His ‘Hellacious’ Start in Business to Help Owners During the Pandemic

When it comes to launching a small business amid tough economic times, Tan France can certainly relate.

“I started building my business within the [2007-09] recession, which was so unwise but I had no other choice,” the Queer Eye star, who founded fashion brand Kingdom & State, tells PEOPLE. “The first year-and-a-half, in particular, was so dire.”

“I started very late 2009, and 2010 was a wash. Then in 2011, I learned how to change things up to make it appropriate for what people were actually going through at that time,” France, 37, continues. “So I absolutely know what it means to pivot your business and switch things up to cater to the new market or audience.”

What France didn’t know, however, was that his experience would benefit him years later as he takes on his newest venture: starring on Facebook Watch’s Boost My Business, a show where he and other Facebook experts help eight small business owners grow online using social media.

The show, which is part of Facebook’s Summer of Support program and offers small businesses six weeks of free educational training, was filmed before the coronavirus pandemic swept through the U.S.

At the time, France was

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Abinader claims victory in Dominican Republic presidential race

Santo Domingo (AFP) – Opposition candidate Luis Abinader has claimed victory in the Dominican Republic’s presidential race after voters on Sunday braved a worsening coronavirus outbreak to cast their ballots for a new leader and legislature.

Abinader’s rivals and the outgoing president also recognized his win, which ends 16 years of unbroken rule by the Caribbean nation’s center-left Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

“We won, today we win, but we will never forget who we owe this victory to,” the 52-year-old businessman said from a platform before dozens of followers at his campaign headquarters in the capital Santo Domingo.

“We owe it to you, the Dominican people. That is why tonight we all won.”

According to data from the central electoral board after around 60 percent of ballots had been counted, Abinader gained around 1.2 million votes — around 53 percent.

The PLD’s candidate Gonzalo Castillo came second in a six-man field, with 838,000 votes — or 37 percent — according to the incomplete figures.

Castillo said the official count “shows that there is an irreversible trend and that from now on we have a president-elect… Our congratulations to Mr. Luis Abinader.”

Outgoing President Danilo Medina also accepted the businessman’s victory,

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