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Hill International Selected as Consultant for Luxury Development in Pakistan

PHILADELPHIA and ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, July 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hill International (NYSE:HIL) (Hill), the global leader in managing construction risk, announced today that it was selected to provide construction consultancy services for Elite Reverie, a multi-million dollar, luxury-living development in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Elite Reverie, also known as Eighteen, is a more than 2 million SM, mixed-use development project that includes residential complexes with over 2,000 units of villas and apartments, a retail and business park, a 20,152 SM, five-star hotel, a mall, medical and sports facilities, education villages, recreational facilities, and 7,200 yards with an eighteen-hole golf course.

The project is located to the southwest of the city. It is well connected to the major road networks in the area and just ten minutes away from the new Islamabad International Airport.

Hill will offer construction consultancy services to help ensure that the project is delivered on-time and within budget. The scope of work will include overall site supervision; schedule and progress control; health, safety, and environment management; quality management; inspection of contractors’ works; coordination between all project stakeholders; and project commissioning.

“The Elite Eighteen project is a significant addition to the capital city’s real estate development sector,” says Hill

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Marie Kondo Is Taking Her KonMari Consultant Certification Courses Online Starting This July

Your friends all come to you for advice on how to trim down their overflowing closets, your roommate surrendered full organizational control of your tiny kitchen and even your sister has to admit you have the neatest hall closet she’s ever seen. You’re basically a tidying pro, but beginning this July you can actually earn the certification to prove it thanks to the one and only Marie Kondo, who will finally start offering her KonMari consultant certification courses online.

Yes, you can actually train to become a certified KonMari tidying expert who can then use those skills to help clients reorganize their homes. While the three-day course is usually taught in person, Kondo and her team are finally taking their teachings digital with the first virtual course beginning on Monday July 13. (If the July session doesn’t work with your schedule, there will be another virtual session in September 2020 with registration opening up just after the first session ends.) However, be warned, earning your KoniMari certification is no easy feat, nor is it all that cheap.

Those hoping to complete the $2,500 course and begin utilizing Kondo’s hot tidying tips in the homes of clients are required to

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Abinader claims victory in Dominican Republic presidential race

Santo Domingo (AFP) – Opposition candidate Luis Abinader has claimed victory in the Dominican Republic’s presidential race after voters on Sunday braved a worsening coronavirus outbreak to cast their ballots for a new leader and legislature.

Abinader’s rivals and the outgoing president also recognized his win, which ends 16 years of unbroken rule by the Caribbean nation’s center-left Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

“We won, today we win, but we will never forget who we owe this victory to,” the 52-year-old businessman said from a platform before dozens of followers at his campaign headquarters in the capital Santo Domingo.

“We owe it to you, the Dominican people. That is why tonight we all won.”

According to data from the central electoral board after around 60 percent of ballots had been counted, Abinader gained around 1.2 million votes — around 53 percent.

The PLD’s candidate Gonzalo Castillo came second in a six-man field, with 838,000 votes — or 37 percent — according to the incomplete figures.

Castillo said the official count “shows that there is an irreversible trend and that from now on we have a president-elect… Our congratulations to Mr. Luis Abinader.”

Outgoing President Danilo Medina also accepted the businessman’s victory,

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Opening day on July 4 could have been something special. Too bad MLB blew it

Major League Baseball missed a golden — actually, a red-white-and-blue — marketing opportunity by failing to launch its season on July 4. <span class="copyright">(Mark Brown / Getty Images)</span>
Major League Baseball missed a golden — actually, a red-white-and-blue — marketing opportunity by failing to launch its season on July 4. (Mark Brown / Getty Images)

If only baseball had gotten its act together this spring, it could have staged a grand reopening act this summer, a kickoff to a pandemic-shortened season for America’s pastime on the most American of holidays — the Fourth of July.

“Oh, you mean baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet?” sports business consultant Andy Dolich, 73, said, recalling the television advertising jingle that first aired in 1975. “Fireworks, families and communities coming together for a celebration … who’d be interested in that?”

The sarcasm in Dolich’s voice was as clear as his message: Major League Baseball missed a golden — actually, a red-white-and-blue — marketing opportunity by failing to launch its season July 4.

Sure, there would have been less pomp under the circumstances. With stadiums empty, there would be no need for the unfurling of giant American flags, military flyovers and extravagant postgame fireworks shows.

But if owners and players hadn’t spent three months haggling over money, a dispute that pushed what is now a scheduled 60-game season to July 23,

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Should You Play this Video Games ETF?

Video games aren’t just games. They are also TV content, judging by the millions of people who watched some 1.75 billion hours of streamed video-gaming programming on Twitch, the live-stream platform for gamers, just in May alone. They’re live events, too, with thousands of people showing up to watch top-level gamers face off in e-sports arenas. That makes video games big, big business. Consultant Research and Markets forecasts that the global video-game market will increase revenues at a 6.4% annualized rate between 2019 and 2024, when it will hit $179.1 billion in sales.

Global X Video Games & Esports ETF is one of a handful of funds that allow investors to cash in on that growth. HERO sports a tight portfolio of 40 firms involved in developing, publishing, distributing or streaming video games, producing related hardware, or operating e-sports leagues or teams. The fund weights holdings by market value, so the larger the stock, the more HERO invests in it. Gaming is global, and so is HERO; it has 71% of assets invested outside of the U.S.

The ETF will only invest in companies that derive at least 50% of their revenues from video game–related businesses. That means you won’t

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