Business and Investment Trends in 2022, Retail Trade Still Has Potential

Business and Investment Trends in 2022, Retail Trade Still Has Potential

Retail trade is a sector that is still quite promising to be developed this year, in line with the large potential for increasing people’s purchasing power. Dana Research Institute (DRI) noted that business and investment trends in 2022 will lead to businesses selling basic commodities/groceries, hobbies (plants, books, games, etc.), personal care products, health equipment, support equipment for Work or School from Home. In addition, there are ready-to-eat food businesses, creative industries, digital marketing, social media portfolio design services, tutoring tutorial services, content creators, and retail intermediaries.

In order to campaign for this investment and business opportunity, PT Danareksa (Persero) conducted the Danareksa Mobile Talkshow (Darling) entitled FUNDtastic: Discussing Business and Investment Opportunities in 2022.

This activity aims to provide financial literacy education to millennials and Micro and Small Business actors to face the Post-Covid 19 Era. PT Danareksa (Persero) Corporate Secretary, Putu Dewika Angganingrum said, as a company engaged in finance and investment, Danareksa is very care about the financial literacy of the current millennial generation.

“This is a form of Danareksa’s active commitment in supporting the government to improve millennial financial literacy and MSE players according to President Joko Widodo’s instructions. We hope that this activity can open up the insight of millennials and MSE players on how to manage personal and business finances in the Post-Covid 19 Era.

Dewika added, in line with the delivery of this information, the company is optimistic that business players and the wider community will be able to see more appropriate business opportunities in the era of economic recovery. This activity carries the concept of “Roadshow Truck” to bring a relaxed atmosphere for the young people who attend. To add to the excitement of the Darling event, Danareksa also prepared an acoustic band performance and various interesting door prizes for the participants.

“This concept is our effort to make financial literacy materials more fun and friendly to young people. Presented in a contemporary style, it is hoped that participants can more easily receive information and activities can inspire millennials,” added Dewika. The talkshow was filled with speakers who have experience in the field of financial research and investment, including Muhammad Ikbal Iskandar as DRI Senior Researcher, Mohammad Faishal as Retail and Digital Distribution Manager at PT Danareksa Investment Management, Rima Prima Artha as DRI Chief Economist, and Bagus Setyawan as Head Retail and Digital Distribution PT Danareksa Investment Management.

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