6 Crypto Investment Tips, So You Don’t Get Stuck in Ponzi

6 Crypto Investment Tips, So You Don’t Get Stuck in Ponzi

Tokocrypto provides crypto investment tips safely so as not to get caught up in Ponzi schemes as the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has been wary of. Tokocrypto Chief Of Operation Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda explained that every investment product must have risks. The higher the potential profit will also be followed by a higher level of risk, and vice versa.

According to him, so far the cases that have occurred have not discouraged the public from investing in crypto assets. However, his party did not turn a blind eye and will act according to the ‘portion’ to prevent it from happening again.

The reason is, illegal or fraudulent crypto asset investments usually operate in various modes. Among them, promising a steady income and promising bonuses from getting new members. Then modes such as the lure of getting prizes, the mode of receiving fund management with large returns in a short time. Then, scam fake accounts as exchange executives and raise funds.

“The perpetrators take advantage of the public’s ignorance to deceive by luring them to give very high and unreasonable returns, but first the public is asked to place/deposit their funds. We appreciate the police, OJK, CoFTRA and others who are quick to track down and prevent investment fraud. fake crypto assets that have happened so far,” he said.

Teguh provides tips to avoid investment scams in the world of crypto and fake coins, according to the following guidelines.

First, before investing in a crypto project, we have to look at the analysis contract, whether it is verified or not. Verified here whether the crypto has been audited by a third party.

Second, Hodler Analysis, for example the holder is from the developer, even up to 100 percent, it will happen like a Squid Game coin. Third, Liquidity Analysis, for example liquidity is not locked, it is very likely that liquidity can be withdrawn by the developer or owner so that the token becomes worthless. Fourth, investigate the website, social media channel of the developer or the crypto token/coin.

Fifth, check the list that CoinMarketcap, Coinecko, & gate.io can be a viable indicator of project legitimacy. They have more stringent listing requirements. The more listings, the more legitimacy a project has. Sixth, investigate the identity of crypto developers.

In cryptocurrencies, crypto developer doxing is a good thing. This means that he exposes their true identities and faces, and can be a sign of trust. But be careful, they can use fake identities.

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