3 Tips for choosing the right business partner when starting a business

3 Tips for choosing the right business partner when starting a business

Choosing the right business partner is one thing that you must consider carefully when starting to open a business.

Not infrequently, businesses can’t develop because they can’t find the right business partners.

Thus, choosing a business partner is one of the topics raised in ShopeePay Talk, a monthly interactive discussion platform initiated by ShopeePay to discuss various light, trendy, and insightful topics.

Carrying the theme Selectively Choose a Trade Partner, Business is More Lasting, two inspiring businessmen Irvan Helmi, Co-founder and Director of Anomali Coffee & Pipiltin Cocoa and Helga Angelina, Co-founder and CEO of Burgreens & Green Rebel, shared their stories.

They reveal the intricacies of building a business together and what important factors need to be considered when choosing a business partner.

In addition, dr. Jiemi Ardian, Sp.KJ., an expert in the field of psychiatry, also explained the strategy of choosing business partners from a psychological perspective so that they can run long-term business relationships.

So, how do you choose the right business partner?

1. Skills are different, goal remains the same

One of the foundations needed in developing a business is to find business partners who have different skills.

Basically, each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses, different skills can help business owners to complement each other in driving business development.

Irvan Helmi revealed that choosing a business partner is not just based on reasons that they have known each other for a long time.

Despite choosing an old friend and his own brother as business partners, Irvan has never ruled out the main criteria he looks for in a good business partner. Namely, the difference in skills to complement each other.

For example, at Anomali Coffee, Irvan focuses more on marketing and product quality. Meanwhile, his colleague Agam handles business finance and business strategy.

“As a result, I learned a lot from Agam about the strategy of running a business and I applied this experience when I built Pipiltin Cocoa with my sister,” he said.

“Meanwhile, my sister who is more proficient in marketing is more focused on handling Pipiltin Cocoa’s marketing strategy. This difference in skills can be an added value that allows us to have a broader perspective in achieving business goals,” he added.

2. Strong commitment and prioritizing professionalism

In addition to skills, business partners must also certainly have a strong commitment, so that each individual involved in it is willing to put aside his ego and focus on giving 100% of his efforts to achieve the business goals that have been designed together.

Because business is a long-term business. Helga Angelina said that when they decided to build Burgreens with Max, who was her boyfriend at the time, they still agreed on some basic things that were outlined in a legal cooperation agreement.

“That way, we can maintain professionalism armed with the commitments that we have determined together and no longer carry the status of friends, girlfriends, or relatives, but everything is done for business continuity and common goals,” he said.

“For me, choosing business partners who are willing and able to uphold their commitments can help us in driving business growth,” added Helga.

3. Have the same life values

Everyone has life values that they hold dear in life. It is important for business people to understand the values in life that their business partners hold dear.

Having some values in common in life can help them understand each other and create a more lasting business relationship.

Well, that’s the main criteria in choosing the right business partner.

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