3 Kinds That Can Make Your Online Business Sell Well

3 Kinds That Can Make Your Online Business Sell Well

Being friendly can help our business get a positive impression and eventually get repeat customers. It is also one of the keys to the success of a business.

However, unlike if we build an online-based business, of course trying to be friendly and kind will be difficult only through electronic messages without meeting face to face.

Indeed, hospitality can only be applied in conventional business. But actually in online business, this can be applied in different ways.

Quoted from the entrepreneur, Sunday (1/5/2020), here are four things of kindness and hospitality that you can apply to your online business:

1. Provide a complete and honest description of the goods

In both online and traditional businesses, the description and origin of our products will be the main assessment of buyers. The difference is that online buyers cannot see the quality of the goods directly, so to show good intentions, they can start by writing honest and accurate descriptions of the products being sold.

For example, if the item is KW or not original, then honestly we write in the item description that it is KW. With such honesty, it is certain that your online business will be judged well by buyers.

2. Don’t Copy Google Photos or other Online Store Images

As previously explained, buyers cannot see online products directly. To make your online business feel credible, attach a photo of your own product.

Most of the online businesses sell things that don’t match the photos. If the buyer is disappointed with our item because it doesn’t match the photo, our business will automatically be labeled as cheating.

3. Provides All Types of Payments.

Furthermore, the reputation of an online store will also affect the type of payment provided. In this day and age where fraud under the guise of buying and selling online is increasingly widespread, many buyers choose not to make direct transfers to the seller.

Usually payments via COD, joint accounts and payments via marketplaces such as Tokopedia and Bukalapak are currently popular options for buyers.

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