12 Small Business Ideas with Big Profits

12 Small Business Ideas with Big Profits

12 Small Business Business Ideas with Big Profits : Opening a business can be your choice to make money during a pandemic like this. Who would have thought that by opening a small business, you can get big profits. You don’t need to open a big business to get big profits, because there are also many who can reap big profits from a business that can be done by everyone.

You can take advantage of this pandemic to meet the needs of people who have to reduce activities outside the home. If you have made up your mind to do business, you can check out 12 small business tips with big profits. Just check below!

The Most Profitable Small Business Business Idea

1. Modern Coffee

Who doesn’t like contemporary coffee drinks from this famous brand? Not a few who like contemporary coffee because the price is cheap! You can also try to sell contemporary coffee for profit. But you have to look for a busy location, like in the middle of the city. Usually the buyers of these contemporary coffees are students and employees, so you can try selling contemporary coffee in the office or campus area.

Renting a shop or kiosk in a bustling urban area will be very expensive, but it will also make people buy your coffee. Determine how many employees you need to help you sell coffee, so you don’t bother you when selling. Take advantage of online motorcycle taxi-based delivery services to make it easier for customers who want to buy your coffee.

2. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice business can also get a big profit, because fruit juice has many enthusiasts and raw materials are easy to find. Just like selling contemporary coffee, the location and target market must be carefully considered. Attract your customers’ trust with competitive prices and attractive promotions, because it is difficult to convince customers if your fruit juice has a high price.

3. Home Food Catering

If you are good at cooking, you should try a home food catering business. You can sell your cooking to customers. To get started, target your catering business to office areas in your area or you can also target your neighbors who don’t have time to cook.

Many people do not have time to cook, so they have to subscribe to catering, because buying food at a restaurant will be much more expensive than subscribing to catering. If you are able to serve large-scale orders, you can increase your target market to people who want to hold events such as social gatherings and recitations. You can get a very big profit if you can sell more than 150 boxes of food.

4. Frozen Food

Frozen food is a food that is sought after by many people, because it is easy to obtain and easy to store for a long period of time. Especially during a pandemic like this, people prefer to reduce activities outside the home even if it’s just buying food or eating out of the house. You can sell frozen food to meet their needs, you can target the market to your neighbors or friends.

Decide what frozen food you want to sell, make sure the frozen food you sell is in demand by many people. You can choose processed meat products such as french fries, nuggets, meatballs, and sausages. It would be better if the product you sell does not have additional preservatives, because it is not good if the food has additional preservatives.

Also think about the packaging method that will be used, because the packaging for frozen food is different from the usual packaging. Don’t forget to always keep the temperature in the cooler used, make sure it’s not more than 18 degrees Celsius to maintain the freshness of the food.

5. Vegetables and Meat

Vegetables and meat are staple foods that people always look for. But you have to be smart in finding suppliers of vegetables and meat for you to sell to customers. Buy some vegetables and meat from one of the suppliers for you to check for freshness and cleanliness.

Then promote your vegetables and meat with attractive branding and packaging. Use your social media to promote your sales to your friends and family. Don’t forget to pay attention to the storage temperature of your vegetables and meat, so they are always clean and fresh. If you have skills in gardening and animal husbandry, you can produce your own vegetables and meat which will give you big profits in business.

6. Opening a Stall

If in the area where you live it is very difficult to find a stall, you can do business by opening a food stall. Food stalls are still highly sought after by people everywhere, especially in densely populated settlements. Take advantage of your garage or terrace to be used as a place for you to sell.

You can sell instant noodles, eggs, rice, oil, and so on. Well, if someone in your area has opened a food stall, then you can sell one of the basic necessities to make it easier for you to sell. You can open a shop that sells eggs or rice.

7. Seasonal Business

Seasonal business is a business that follows people’s interests at a certain time. You can sell Durian fruit when it is Durian season. Or you can sell fruit ice during the fasting month. But you always have to know what the community needs, you have to do your research and keep adapting to the community’s needs.

You must be the first to provide for their needs, before competitors come to compete. Also make sure the items you sell are of good quality and convince customers to buy the items you sell.

8. Open a food stall

There are many food stalls in big cities. But provide food that is still rare or not available at all in your area. For example, you can open a Minang food stall or a pempek food stall if in your area you rarely have the food stall. Usually these two food stalls are sought after by many people, because pempek and Minang cuisine are favored by many people in Indonesia.

9. Shoe Laundry

Shoe laundry is still rarely available in some areas, but the community’s need to wash shoes is quite large. Many people are lazy to wash shoes and choose to submit to shoe laundry services. As a beginner, you don’t need to open a shop or kiosk. Take advantage of the shuttle service using an online motorcycle taxi to make it easier for your customers. Give trust to customers in terms of your cleanliness and speed in washing shoes.

10. Souvenir Business

The souvenir business does sound like a small business, but who would have thought the profits could be huge. The souvenir business is profitable because it is usually ordered on a large scale with a fairly profitable margin. You can target people who will organize large events such as weddings which usually reach hundreds or even thousands of pieces in one order.

11. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is still a profitable business because it does not need to spend capital. Basically, dropship does not need to spend capital because you don’t need to stock items like a reseller. You only connect the seller with the supplier without the need to buy the goods before being ordered by the customer.

The goods sold are provided by the supplier, you must increase the price before selling it to the customer as your profit. Make sure your promotions are attractive so that customers prefer to buy your items compared to other sellers.

12. Selling Credit and Digital Vouchers

Everything is digital nowadays, even credits and vouchers. You can sell music streaming service vouchers that are being used by everyone. Usually people will choose to buy digital vouchers because they are cheap compared to direct subscriptions. Digital vouchers provide discounts or promotions from companies that provide these services. Take advantage of your social media to promote your sales to family and relatives.

Hopefully these tips can help you do business during this pandemic!

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